The Modi Mirage.

The constant clutter surrounding Mr.Modi and his inevitable ascendance to 'The Chair', is only getting louder. The sounds which previously pleased the ears, are gradually turning into a desperate noise. Turn on the Television, Log on to the Internet or Read a Newspaper- everybody seems to be espousing the cause of Mr.Modi's Prime Ministership. Or so it seems. In the hullabaloo, voices of dissent and varying opinion are consistently being overlooked, stifled and suppressed. While India stands on a precipice- choosing its side amongst a Communist Left, a Socialist Center and an Anarchist Right- its citizens are left to deal with massive corruption scandals, the resultant political bickering and frequent parliamentary disruptions. Amidst the chaos, Narendra Modi appears to be the only sane choice! He is a strong man. His oratorical skills are polished. He has made Gujarat prosper. Yes. He can indeed lead us towards a new Revolution, can't he? This line of thinking has assumed such a massive proportion today, that if you don't blindly side by it, you end up becoming an object of disgust and public ridicule. More often than not, you are labelled corrupt, biased, non-patriotic and even non-religious. Despite these connotations, it is important to objectively analyze the successes and failures of Brand Modi. What is it that the man truly stands for? Are we really seeking deliverance through him or do we plan to jump from the corrupt frying pan into a criminal fire? Simply put, Is Narendra Modi actually the magic wand that Dr.Singh doesn't possess? Can he take this nation to greater heights? Is he, as the urban middle class puts it, "the answer"? For this purpose, it is vital to decipher the code of the aura that surrounds him.
They say the deeds of the future can easily be gauged by actions of the past. Let us understand how much of Mr.Modi is authentic, and how much of him is cooked.

1. Myth- The Riots of 2002 hold no relevance in 2013-

Fact- If you are an Indian sitting in North America, Yes, they don't. If you are tweeting from an Indian metropolis, Yes they don't. If you are a Hindu, Maybe, they don't. But if you are a Muslim living in Gujarat or for that matter in any other part of this country, they seem like they just happened yesterday. The horror of 2002 can not be suppressed under trumpets of 'development'. If I begin to write about the gory details of what happened in February that year, you may not want to read any further. Let us just restrict ourselves to the fact that a certain Babu Bajrangi admitted to have ripped the bellies of pregnant women apart, in order to draw the fetuses out and swing them in a pit. He also, on camera, boasted about how his goons had cut off women's breasts and played with them. All this, while the state police acted like the perfect audience- standing & watching in either absolute delight or total disgust. When the man was arrested, he revealed the names of two such individuals, who had ordered him to continue unabated with the massacre- The National President of the 'Vishwa Hindu Parishad' and our beloved Gujarat Chief Minister. As if this was not enough, a woman named Maya Kodnani was arrested in 2012. She was accused of distributing revolvers and provoking the crowds to 'seek revenge' in 2002, which lead to the grievous murders of 96 people. Do you know what she did in this intermediate period of ten years? She served as the 'Women and Child Development' Minister in Mr.Modi's cabinet. Even today, the Gujarat Government does not want them sent to the gallows. Is this Mr.Modi's unflinching belief that his minister is innocent or a back-channel sinister deal which may prevent her from spilling the beans? Let us believe its the former. Let us also believe that the SIT's 'clean chit' (The sanctity and selectivity of which has been time and again questioned in the Media) to Mr.Modi is true. Yet, is it not a fact that Mr.Modi sat like a lame duck while his state was being butchered? Is it not true that our 'Great administrator' was unable to prevent killings, order curfews or ask the police to act? Mr.Vajpayee, being the statesman that he was, called this act 'A Failure of Raj Dharma'. It is surprising that his party today has decided to overlook his observations and promote Mr.Modi as the ultimate savior. His reluctance to apologize or even talk about the riots, speaks volumes about his character- a bloated sense of power and omnipotence. Google these traits and you'd come up with a psychopathic disorder called 'Megalomania'.
A lot of times the riots of '84 are used to justify the riots of '02. The usual Congress Vs BJP pitches are raised. Let me make this very clear- ANY sort of riots are condemnable. ANY attack on humanity is preposterous. ANY genocide needs to be prevented. The Sikhs of '84 have not yet got justice, but they have delivered a Prime Minister. The Muslims of '02 too have not yet got justice, and their bete noire still refuses to wear a skull cap.

2. Myth- The 'Development' of Gujarat is exemplary-

Fact- 'Development' is too wide a phenomenon to be classified in a certain time frame and be limited to a certain class of people. If you believe that in the last 10 years, Mr.Modi has changed the face of Gujarat, you are wrong. If you believe that his 'growth' has been all-pervasive & inclusive, you are wrong again. Let me present you with factual data that is usually put forth in either a distorted or an exaggerated manner. If you think these claims are false, drop in a word in the comments section- I would be more than happy to list down my sources.

a. With about 250 dams on the verge of drying up, the water scarcity in Gujarat is mind-boggling. More than 4000 villages and 100 towns, across 10 districts have been declared 'Scarcity hit'. People either have to travel miles in order to fetch water or they have to wait for the eternally elusive water tanker, which makes its appearance once every week. The government has failed miserably on account of handling drought and water recharge. The lack of this basic amenity speaks volumes about the so-called 'Vibrancy'.

b. The Gujarat Government claims to have signed Memorandums of Understanding with foreign firms, which would entail an FDI flow of $876 Billion in the state. This would mean that Gujarat, despite its geographical and financial limitations has overtaken a country as large as China, which can barely manage an FDI of $600 Billion. Thereby, Gujarat has suddenly become an investor's paradise, a business haven! [In case you misunderstood the last statement, it was sarcastic.] Technically, the possibility of any of this occurring is veritably Zero. There have been no studies undertaken in this regard, no research conducted and certainly no data collected. I wonder where these figures came from, then. And all this brouhaha, irrespective of the fact, that the CM stands in opposition of FDI flows on a national level but invites them vigorously for his fiefdom- Genuine intention or Indiscriminate Desperation?

c. The Hunger and Malnutrition levels in Gujarat are higher than even the poorest states of India. One of the major reasons for this is a towering income disparity between the rich and the poor-the Hindus and the Muslims. The CM attributes this state of affairs to 'figure-conscious adolescent girls who refuse to drink milk'.
The Dairy cooperatives of Gujarat have indeed been a massive success- All thanks to the efforts of Dr.Verghese Kurien- A man who Mr.Modi had sour relations with. Dr.Kurien passed away in 2012 and the Chief Minister did not bother to attend his funeral- Are egos supposed to transcend mortal lives?
While a liberally 'Customized' atmosphere of booming employment opportunities is provided to the urban middle class, the rural areas of Gujarat lag far behind. Talking of rural areas, Gujarat has undoubtedly electrified all its 18,028 villages but strangely 17,940 of them were electrified years before Mr.Modi assumed power. He has merely sent electricity to the 88 remaining hamlets and then claimed the credit for all of it.
The statements above may have been haphazardly put, but there was no way to link them to one another. Such is the comprehensiveness and detail of Gujarat's inconsistencies.

d. While Corruption is a serious issue nationally, the Gujarat Government seems to make very little of it. A Lokayukta, despite constant reminders from the Governor, was not appointed for a good period of 8 years in Mr.Modi's 10 year reign. When the Governor took action and appointed one herself, his appointment was challenged in the court. The court didn't just strike down the CM's appeal but also gave him a rap on the knuckles. My question-If there is nothing to hide, why is an independent Lokayukta's appointment being feared? Secondly, the CAG reports about Gujarat government's involvement in shady land deals and trickery have been woefully underplayed. Is there a nexus that reaches right to the top, of which we know nothing? I am sure the Chief Minister will have a lot of explaining to do when it emerges that Gujarat's debt has tripled in the last 10 years. How the economy is then being managed, is totally beyond my understanding.
If such is the model that we plan to reconstruct for India, I would not give us more than a decade to survive.

3. Myth- Modi is a Lion- The sole beacon of Light in India-

Fact- Skilled Oratory does not make lions, neither does good organization. A debater and an event manager can do just the same. What makes this metaphor really stick is the ability to take well-thought out decisions, stay flexible, respect heterogeneity and be brutally honest. Unfortunately, not many of these characteristics hold good with the Chief Minister. Outside Gujarat, his magic has plummeted. Most election campaigns that he has been an active part of, have ended disastrously for his party- Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Karnataka- being the recent cases in point. He has successfully polarized the social networking sites into Modi-Lovers and Modi-Bashers, each trying to 'Trend' something fancy and in the process generating an excessively abusive environ. His 'Popularity' has been surviving on the sole crutch of 'Technology'. His 'Larger than Life' image, having been created by a PR firm, which in all probability, is being heavily funded by public money. His perseverance it appears, is surpassed only by his narcissism. Some lion, alright.
With Dr.Singh being called a Lamb and Mr.Modi being projected as a Lion, India seems to be a big Zoo that both of them are willing to compete for.

India, with its massive diversity, needs a man who can unite- not a man who is known to divide. Tolerance and Acceptance have been a part and parcel of our culture. By compromising with both, Mr.Modi can only whip up a short-lived dream, not a long-sighted reality. This article is not meant to portray him in a derisive light. Neither is this meant to support the ruling dispensation. This only intends to chalk out an actual picture of what we are being shown and what is really going on. Regardless of all his flaws, if you plan to elect him, he will certainly end up being the Prime Minister. Else, History would remember him as a Prime Dreamer who created an extensive Mirage for himself and then drowned in the ripples of his own falsifications.

P.S.- All abusive comments and angry retorts will be published. They would go a long way in showing your character and in the process, substantiate this article.


  1. Amazing piece sir :) The false image that Shri.Modi Ji and his APCO his spreading is pen downed by you in great manner ! KUDOS

  2. You have nicely extracted the truth behind so called 'Larger than Life ' image of Modiji.I wish it would have been in Hindi.It 'd have reached a larger section of people inside and outside Gujarat.Reaching more people with this reality will make the people believe in the Power of PR & media management.

    1. Thank you for reading. I wish I was in the capacity to translate this article into another language. I've just put down my analysis, glad you liked it.

    2. Lolz....superb....will share n try to reach as many groups n pages....m speechless dear no words....extra ordinary....

    3. Thank you for reading Smitha. I am glad you liked it.

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    5. Thank you for reading and responding :)

  3. Very nice article sir

  4. all those who have been brainwashed by chaddi trolls need to read this and get "unbrainwashed"

    1. Hello. I don't really agree with your language, but Thank you for reading :)

  5. I have been debating over Mr. Modi 's larger-than-life image held by his internet supporters on various online platforms and what amazes me is their insecurity of not accepting anything against Modi . The moment you utter any rational word would be countered by some congress felony as if all the people skeptical about Mr. Modi are congress supporter. The sheer shallowness of arguments given by Modi supporter makes me think that how good a person Modi would be when it is followed by such biased and divisive elements of society on internet. Kudos to you for coming up with an extremely cogent and well thought of piece. Even some of the thinkers and Modi Critic like Mr. Shiv vishwanathan tried something on these lines but i found your words much more factualised and lucid. Appreciate your effort and accept my sincere thanks to you

    1. Thank you for reading. I've only tried to put forth what the truth is. Unfortunately, most of us prefer to flow with the wind and not care about the repercussions. It is very important to know everything about the man, who is so 'Popular' and what the reasons behind his 'Popularity' really are. Thanks again :)

  6. You have put up a good blog with proper facts.
    But you have conveniently omitted progress of gujarat in Infrastructure and transportation.
    Also, you have considered income disparity between Hindus and muslims - that not the case.
    Regarding FDI, Gujarat is second in India. That's pretty good considering gujarat don't have much natural resources.
    I am also thinking of writing a blog on modi as Gujarti youth

    1. Dear Siddharth,

      First, Thanks for reading.
      I have not omitted the details of infrastructural development- I accept and praise them. I have merely asserted that his development is greatly exaggerated and misconstrued. Just like I don't have a problem with Gujarat being a state with second highest FDI- That is brilliant! I only have a problem with misrepresentation of figures when they are presented to the nation, at large. A vote has to be based on truth and truth alone- falsifications are a cruel joke with the Indian people.
      Do write your piece ad share it with me.
      Thanks again.

  7. Kindly write about Muslim Mobs attacking police media and govt properties in Azad Maidan Mumbai.
    Kindly write about Muslim MP not singing Vande Mataram.
    Kindly write about situation of those families whose relatives were burned alive by barbaric muslims in Godhra.
    If nothing convinces u watch how a muslim eating heart of another muslim in Syria.
    That u r in real.

    1. Dear Mr.Pandit,
      Thank you for reading and sharing this common knowledge. Your writing makes me believe that you don't have a problem with my article- you have a problem with the Muslim religion as a whole.
      I am a practicing Hindu and my God teaches me love and compassion. So is the case with every other religion including Islam. Just because a few people from a certain religion have deviated, does not mean that you can sit up and blame an entire way of life.
      Nevertheless, our country would prosper only if educated citizens like you could learn tolerance instead of raw hatred.
      Stay blessed.

    2. 1. "Muslim" mobs attacking police in Azad Maidan did not kill a single policeman, in contrast to the "Hindu" mobs who trampled a policeman to death in Delhi during 'protests' and the "Hindu" mobs that killed thousands of innocents in 2002.

      2. A Muslim MP not singing a particular does not compromise his integrity. On the other hand, being a Chief Minister and willfully failing to prevent innocent lives speaks volumes about the person's integrity with regards to the duties of hos office.

      3. Whether the people in the Godhra train were burnt by 'barbaric' Muslims or 'conspiring' Sanghis is an oft debated topic. Irrespective of who did it, it does not justify the slaughter of a thousand people. Still, If you want to compare the pain, the anguish of thousand of victims of 2002 is too great in volume than that of the families of 56 people.

      4. Events in Syria cannot be cited as the reflection of a community as a whole. If it does, then stories of 2002 like ripping a fetus apart from a pregnant woman should blacken your face as well Mr. Ashish Pandit.

    3. Unless someone is killed, it does not qualify to be considered as mob attack, right. No? why does a Indian Muslim damage his/her country when something happens in Burma ? Take out processions when some stupid danish cartoonist does something somewhere in the world ? Ahh I get it. You neither pay bills nor pay taxes. Mufth ki roti aadath jo hogaye hai na. Congress ko jithav and phukat mein khao. vote in the name of religion and enjoy life.

      Godhra train burnt and there was collateral damage. Live with it. It is the same when sikh riots happened. we are a land of 1+ billion ppl and shit happens. Why is that no one talks about Assam riots, oh sorry there was no damage to minority ?

      You live with it or you move on, don't just sit on it and keep rubbing it. One day you will end up pitying yourself, what the heck did I do with my life. Forget 70 virgins, be a good human being and accept the things around you and you will live in peace.

    4. I would love if you could elaborate your statement "Mufth ki roti aadath jo hogaye hai na. Congress ko jithav and phukat mein khao"
      What is called a muft ki roti? Does the government distribute money to these people?

      Then, be a responsible commenter and stop hiding behind the "Anonymous" tag.

      Just two cents, if you're talking about ultra poor people who can't pay taxes, people following many religions come under that bracket.
      Once you reach the tax paying bracket, you DO pay it, whether it is a Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Sikh.
      I hope you've heard of TDS.
      Hope that you've really come across a huge number of muslim professionals, businessmen, CEOs, traders etc.
      And since all of these people are bound to pay to the state, your statement like "muft" ki roti ridicules your own understanding about the situations and nothing else.

    5. Rightly placed Aman. People like Mr/Ms.Anonymous above, need to get their acts straight.

    6. Aman Alam if that is your true identity, I like to remain anonymous because this is internet and I can have 1000 names and still be anonymous. I can have names which I can lie about and still be anonymous, so I like be anonymous and remain true to myself.

      Your 2 cents, keep it with you. Thank you for the offer. You are talking about ultra poor ppl and my tax money, tax bracket, bla bla bla, phalana dhimka etc. Thank you. I know what I am talking. I don't mind paying taxes and i don't mind feeding the so called ultra poor but I don't want my money to feed ppl or communities who don’t want to come out of their ghetos and join the society. I dont want my money to feed ppl who say we are against family planning and believe in hum paanch aur hamare pachees, i dont want my money to feed ppl who believe in one book rather than science, maths, social studies etc, i dont want my money to feed ppl...I can go on but I guess you got my point. I am not talking about any particular community or religion.

      How come you did not react to what I said about Burma and Danish cartoonist ?

      I respect Abdul Kalaam ji and Azjim premji ji but exceptions don’t make examples. Some ppl love to play victim irrespective of money, fame, name (classic examples, shabana Azmi, Javid Akthar, SRK, Azhar, Sanjay Dutt) I can go on but again, I hope you got my point.

      Akil.. trying to make a living out of 2002 won't get you anywhere. Write something new which is never heard. You might ask y I came here to read. I wanted to see if you got anything new to offer and wahi ghisi piti kahani. I really am looking for some article, some statement that can convince me that 2002 was not a collateral damage and I am not winning unfortunately.

    7. Dear anonymous,

      The funny part is, this 'Make your living out of 2002' comment has actually verified what your hate-filled messages towards Aman clearly portray. Like I said in the article, all personal remarks and nonsensical comments will be published. So was yours. Stay blessed.

  8. Superb writing. Brilliant Blog. Keep it up.

  9. Ran Mahotsav, Pravesh Mahotsav, Sharad Mahotsav, Patang Mahotsav, Gun Mahotsav, Krushi Mahotsav, Navratri Mahotsav,........A Long List of such Mahotsavs are Just for keep FEKU on lime light. The fact is, FEKU's governance style completely match with Hitler step by step.
    FACT : After 2001 earthquake He became a driver of the train which was put on the track by Keshubhai Patel, Suresh Mehta, Kashiram Patel & some other big name of the party with very hard working. Than we all knows what he did in 2002.

    Fact: Average GDP rates of Gujarat (Declare by Gujarat Government Not By ME )
    tenure Chief Ministers name GDP rate

    1981 - 1985 Madhavsinsh Solanki 16.29%

    1985 - 1990 Madhavsinsh Solanki 13.63%
    Amarsinh Choudhary

    1990 - 1994 Chimanbhai Patel 16.73%
    Chabildas Mehta

    1995 - 2001 Keshubhai Patel 8.82%
    Shankarsinh Vaghela
    Suresh Mehta
    Dilip Parikh

    2001 - 2004 Narendra Modi 10.3%

    2005 - 2001 Narendra Modi 9.35%

    Now, How come he is only person behind what Gujarat is today, How "VIKAS" definition is justifying this figures.

    Gujarat is the developed state since 1100 years from now.

    Narendra Modi is painting the picture of VIKAS like .....A house which was made my his father, Grandfather and so On.....He had just put AC, Paint, Sofa, Furniture, Swimming Pool .....And saying that I Made this House...& Most of people believing that NAMO has created the House....

  10. Brilliant article! You've torn his manufactured image into pieces!

  11. A brilliant write up Akil.. Well analyzed the current situation of Gujarat.. Although I missed APCO part and huge propaganda machinery being run by Mr. Modi and his courtiers. Nevertheless as excellent one out of habit :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ha Ha. Thank you Sumit. I was thinking about writing the APCO part too, but then I only wished to add facts which I could substantiate by means of documentary evidence. Nevertheless, thank you so much for reading :)
      P.S.- Had to remove the above comment due to a few spelling mistakes.

  12. Crisp and lucid. Keep up the good work man !!

    1. Thank you Yashu. I am glad you liked it :)

  13. Akil, Modi is hope of this Nation. Has there been any conviction in modis role in 2002. May be it was modi's inexperience in handling that situation. Why don't you want to mention what he has delivered. He is an incorruptible man and that's not me or you but wiki leaks saying. I agree all parties are chors but the best choice India has is Modi.
    Coming to Modis style of working, yes he is a dictator and India needs one. Too much democracy and the result is what you see today. India needs such person.
    If not Modi then who? Can you name a single person?
    Coming to know it very well that congress would have played with Modi via Lokayukta so modi choose the best practical option. He makes the thing work.
    At least he should be given a chance.

    1. Hello!
      I have a few disagreements with the basic premise of your argument.
      1. Modi's inexperience lead to riots?- Seriously? Despite all the evidence that has been put out, I don't think it is viable to say that. What if his inexperience in handling a nation as large and diverse as India leads to another set of riots after he comes to power? Unless we have personal fatalities, we tend to conveniently shift blame.
      2. The 'Incorruptible' man has been involved in corrupt dealings, as per CAG reports. Please check out the CAG reports about Gujarat administration. Wikileaks is as good a source as Wikipedia- based on hearsay.
      3. If you think India needs a dictator, I am sorry I don't agree again. India cannot survive without a democracy. We need someone who can handle it, not transform it.
      4. If not Modi, then your local legislator. I am not in favor of voting for one person at the center. I am in favor of voting for those who have shown results in your local constituency, despite party affiliation.
      5. You are probably right about the Lokayukta thing. It may have been Congress's way of overpowering him. But then again, if there is nothing to fear, there is no corruption-intended or possible- let any man check your working. Should that make a difference?
      About him being given a chance, Sure! Go ahead. My intention of writing the article was only to make people aware of the truth. Just make sure you keep both facets of his personality in mind :)
      Thanks for reading.

  14. My response to your points.
    1. He is no more inexperience and he has delivered at least something which makes him best available candidate for PM.
    2. He has his own way of doing things and he takes things in his hands and deliver it. What else we can do but to trust a man who has delivered.
    At least you would agree that wi ki leaks are more authentic then CAG? Don't you? There is a big different in wi ki page and wi ki leaks.
    3. Democracy has been tested and result is for us to see. I am not saying that we need a dictator but a dynamic leader like him who takes a decision and make it work.
    4. I am taking about change and what you are saying takes us back to 50 years from where we started.
    5. You would agree that how congress has played using governor etc. Modi is a smart politician and he knows how to handle it so let him handle this his own way.

    If you really think you should make people aware of facts do write what he has delivered too so that people can do a perfect judgment. I am not saying your article is biased but you fail to mention what he has delivered over last 10 years.
    SO now the choice is either we select another 550 and let the contry run the way it has been or given someone like modi a chance.
    You smartly forgot to mention the article on Modi in times.

    1. Hello,

      My apologies for getting back so late, but here-

      1. Inexperience does not justify inaction. What happened under his watch is a horrendous reality and the sooner we accept it, the better. Hardline attitude will not get us anywhere. We need a diplomat.
      2. I would not agree that WikiLeaks is more authentic than CAG. If you read about it, WikiLeaks is based on hearsay. Their documentary proofs are selective. CAG on the other hand is a constitutional authority whose main responsibility is to dig out dirt which the Government has tried to sweep under the carpet.
      3. I still side by democracy. Rule of law is the only thing which can take this country forward. More than a change of system we need its betterment.
      P.S.- I did not 'smartly' forget to mention the Modi article in Times. If we begin to rely by them, a lot of current leaders have been mentioned by the magazine. Unfortunately, that is not the criterion I judge leaders on.
      Thanks again :)

    2. Congress can manipulate CBI itself.. why not CAG if it wants to trump down modi ??

  15. Irrespective of going into the content, again, I am saying that you are a fantastic writer, Master of Satire! “With Dr.Singh being called a Lamb and Mr.Modi being projected as a Lion, India seems to be a big Zoo that both of them are willing to compete for.” Hats off! Many of your observations really show the hard work you put up in your writing like Mr. Bajpayee’s statement about failure of Raj Dharma & Modi’s different stand on FDI at national & state level.

    With all appreciation for your writing & some facts on which I don’t agree to you, one of you statement really disappointed me. “The Sikhs of '84 have not yet got justice, but they have delivered a Prime Minister.” Having a Sikh Prime Minister can never be the answer to the wrong done to them! This can work well for vote bank politics, but not to restore the shattered faith in the democracy! and comparing it with the case of muslims is out of my understanding. Even if We get a Muslim PM this will not be the answer to the pains & miseries they have gone through. Don’t know why but didn’t expect it from you. Anyways Keep writing & taking the writing definition to new levels. God Bless!

    1. Hello Daisy,

      Thank you for reading. Let me take up your issues one by one.
      1. You are right. Having a Sikh PM can never be the answer. What I meant was that Sikhs have worked hard enough to deliver a man like MMS. They are no more an isolated minority.
      2. The comparisons with Muslims, in my eyes, is only just. Here is a man, who administratively headed a massacre and has yet failed to apologize for it. The Muslims in Gujarat and elsewhere still feel insecure and devastated.
      3. Just read other comments here. You'd realize the amount of hate that people harbor against Islam. Many have presumed me to be a Muslim too and thus they ask me, if I am a terrorist or a patriot.
      4. It is this larger picture which I had in mind, when I wrote this article. It has nothing to do with vote-bank politics whatsoever. If it conveyed that tone, My apologies.

      Thanks for reading :)

    2. Hey!! No need to apologize. You have all the rights to put up your views despite that it goes against the general preceptions of many. I used the term “vote bank politics” because one particular party tries to manipulate people with the same stand. It didn't give justice to 1984 wrongs but presumes that Sikhs have been empowered since one member of their community has been MADE PM.
      Coming to the point you say that Sikhs are no more an isolated minority. But let me tell you they were never an isolated minority, not even in 1984. This you can confirm from the accounts of many Sikhs. They were always and even today are well integrated with Hinduism, which unluckily is not the case with the Islam. Here I didnt mean assimilation of one into another but having cordial relationship while maintaining their own identity.
      I admit and feel shame for all the atrocities done to Muslims in the name of religion. I understand that to save our diverse democracy, someone's communal perspective can't be ignored despite the vast amount of development he carried out, So Wrongs done to Muslims must be corrected but still comparing their case with Sikhs is not right. If only delivering some high rank person equals to sense of security Muslims must feel secure by now. They have given us 3 Presidents, many Supreme Court Judges and many more dignitaries. Why we look at the issues of minorities by comparing it with others? What is wrong is wrong despite the fact if it is done to others or not!
      I have already read all the comments. I really feel bad for such people who can't have a perspective large than religion & caste. We must adhere to fundamentals of our own religion but never turn into fundamentalists. God Bless us all with the power of acceptance much more than tolerance.

      P.S- Reading your articles is always a pleasure. Keep Writing :)

  16. Mr. Akhil, Nice composed article. You say that you want the people to know the truth. My question to you is you have not written down what has Modi done as a whole.
    You seem to be appreciating some junk comments which you should not even allow to be published.

    Modi is a package which comes with some negatives.
    When you dig a ground for gold you also have so much earth excavated but the eyes are always looking for gold.No once wants to see the unwanted earth. And what you have exactly done is highlighted the earth part only not the gold part which you should have done as well if you claim that you want the people to know the truth.
    Exaggeration........yes may be up to some extent. He might have said 8 for what actually is 7 so why do you omit that how did he successfully filled the 1st seven.
    Also who are your target audience here? You have written your article in some kind of English which can impress some English Professor but it doesn't reach masses. Make it simple as simple as possible that even a person with poor English can understand.
    thanks for reading my comment and also publishing it.

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous,

      Thank you for reading. I always publish all my comments- regardless of their being junk, abusive or appreciative. In your quick judgement, you didn't just misspell my name, but did not much understand the theme of the article too. Here is a point-wise reply to the questions you have raised-

      1. I like the analogy that you've used but I'm afraid things are not as simple. Human lives can not and must not be compared to 'unwanted earth' or considered 'collateral damage'. For me, they are more valuable than anything else- including 'development'.
      2. If you would read between the lines, you'd realize that I have been appreciative of certain measures which Mr.Modi has taken. The goods he has done are undeniable. But so are the bads. Should we selectively overlook one and see only what suits our eyes?
      3. My article has not been written to impress an 'English professor'. It has been written in normal/flowing language which I generally use. Those who want the masses to read it, can always translate and publish it. I don't think I would have that kind of time to do it myself :).

      Thanks again.

  17. Dear Akil,

    Its a an eye opener for me akil. Personally I like Mr. Modi, even I have planned to vote to him but now you make me think. Let ask you this, now in the political arena only two things possible, either Mr. Modi or Mr. Rahul-Sonia Gandhi, if you just see these two obviously I would go with modi for many reasons. Until or unless a new youth power comes in the center we would not have any option left.

    1. Hello Sir!

      It is great to see your comment. I agree with what you say, but like I always believe, we must vote for a good local legislator and not someone at the center. Choose the one who has made your area benefit. Forget about the Gandhis and the Modis of the world. The collective picture would present it all :).

      Thanks again.

  18. A revealing portrait of Modi. Good job!

    My take on Modi:

  19. Perfect article supported by genuine data. No mention of his dictatorial style of functioning though.

  20. i think you are too biased or just want little bit attention... sorry i am not impressed whatever but i can admire your writing skills, you are too good with words.

    1. Thank you Kushjee. Attention was the last thing on my mind but since you say it, I must be doing something right :). Thanks, again.

  21. A smart write-up with sick mentality.
    I am neither Modi fan nor a hater. What do you mean by
    "The Sikhs of '84 have not yet got justice, but they have delivered a Prime Minister. The Muslims of '02 too have not yet got justice, and their bete noire still refuses to wear a skull cap."
    Please come out of this sick mentality of infusing religion everywhere. Mr Singh is PM, but being sikh is the last thing related it.
    More than 70 people have been punished in Gujrat case, one of its kind. For the first time in India, so many people have got punished from court for rioting. The SC, The HC & the SIT all have found Modi no guilty, why you still hold him guilty??
    In last 10-11 years can you please give a single example where Modi has done any 'communal' act?
    He refuses to wear a skull cap, and nothing is wrong with it. Only I can decide what should I wear. He is a truly secular leader, neither talking of Hindu nor Muslim. No matter how much development is there, but he talks of development only. Can you give any better example of secularism??
    I can understand your feelings, a blogger has to kill his soul's voice at times, to get noticed. You did it well!!

    1. Thank you for your response, Mr.Dwivedi. I have answered all of these questions in the previous comments and do not either have the energy or the time to respond any further. This is an old blog post. If you still find it relevant, it must contain something right :). P.S.- Blogs are meant to speak your mind, not kill your soul's voice. Only if you could not just say but practice an unbiased opinion. Respect is the key :). Stay blessed.

    2. just as congress cant be blamed for the partition time violence in the same way modi also cant be blamed..u never mentioned the godhra issue which generated the anger in one section of people to go against the other. u mentioned that u would not go in detail about the gory picture of the violence bt still u mentioned the most heinous and worst picture of that violence just to seek peoples attention.. finally instead of blaming one person, muslims in gujrat have matured and showed their wish through ballot boxes...these distorted facts only generate the communal hatred...

    3. Thank you for reading and responding, Vikash :)

  22. You have every right to hold your perceptions.

  23. Akil,
    Sorry, but you have not answered the questions asked by Mr. Dwivedi. I am so in harmony with Mr. Dwivedi here. Please find time to answer him as so many people have found your article eye-opening. I believe that it is not at all eye opening. I think all these people just did not follow Modi enough and became his blind supporter. In my conscience, I knew almost all of the points you covered but I am still rooting for Modi.
    I guess you have failed to include "what have changed since Godhra in Gujrat?" "How many communal riots have happened under his watch since then?"
    You have referred the VHP leader in your article but you did not mention that his claim that Modi was there and he asked him to carry out the riots was proved false. You are directly incriminating Modi without any solid evidence against him. Hence, a biased view I would say.
    "The Sikhs of '84 have not yet got justice, but they have delivered a Prime Minister. The Muslims of '02 too have not yet got justice, and their bete noire still refuses to wear a skull cap." whom are you kidding? it is equivalent to saying that Sikh riots are long forgotten and since there is a sikh prime minister, its all ok. what I would say is atleast under Modi's watch almost 100 people (still counting) including Babu bajrangi, Kodvani have got convicted (you conveniently failed to mention this) whereas the likes of Sajjan Kumar (the main culprit)just got acquitted due to lack of evidence.
    You wrote a fact based article but the thing is you did not mention all the pertinent facts. Overall, I find your article biased towards Modi.

    1. Thank you for reading and responding, Saurabh :)

  24. Ah.. With the all arguments that you give, which in fact is one riot.. While you are at it please keep in mind what else is the choice, your article isn't complete unless you talk about if not Modi then who

    1. Thank you for reading and responding. Like I have previously stated, I care for a good man/woman locally. That is all we should care about. The national scene will rectify itself. :)

  25. Akil in one of your replies you said : "You'd realize the amount of hate that people harbor against Islam."

    Why should anybody do anything other than Hate and denounce Islam ? Have you read the history of Islam and its looong track record? This ideology has brought only death, destruction, misery, rape and pillage in its wake World wide and it continues till date. Need evidence ? Just last year People of NE origin fled Bengaluru by the train loads (literally) fearing persecution at the hands of followers of Islam. Were they all idiots or what to leave everything and run for safety ? Need more evidence ? Lets look at the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Thats a complete Ethnic cleansing. And our country is the only nation on earth where a community that belongs to the majority lives in refugee camps. Need more evidence? let me know.

    The Muslims of Gujarat that you lament about live in plush conditions compared to what happened to the Pandits. Ever wonder why there is not even any talk whatsoever of justice for Pandits ? So when was the last time this country - and most importantly the fake secular messiahs - went on a witch hunt with full fledged propaganda for 10yrs plus like is the case with Gujarat Riots ? It is very easy to vomit politically correct bladder dash quite another to substantiate it with facts and figures.

  26. 1st it's not always about is about the better.....
    Everyone has equal list... so it always for picking up a better one...according to our need....
    well, when you have given so much importance to CAG, it is same importance which sc and hc judgements should have got..who found modi no guilty(as pointed in above comment)....
    The hunger and Malnutrition levels....When you took development of the past.. you should also have taken into consideration of the levels of malnutriton of then...
    .. just dont see how much they are now... see by how much they were brought down in all th estates...and then compare the difference....
    According to a CAG report, Gujarat has made maximum progress in fighting malnutrition in the last five years(from 71 to 39 per cent)-highest decrease....
    Gujarat is the power surplus state....leads in production of vegetables.....
    Gujarat have kept 42% of its state budget for social sector....
    Gujarat is yet the best haven for any business in you said..he might hve not brought that, but atleast he could sustain it..which many other states couldn't...
    Gujrat govt got award for law and order,Ahmedabad or Baroda got award for being the safe city for females....
    ....many many MORE on this FRONT compared to those you pointed out..... NO one is perfect.. Don't you thing..he deserves chance to emerge atleast for all these when compared to others..
    FDI... modi was not in favour of fdi in center but in favour in his state ,.. bcz he certainly knows the fact that fdi is not the problem but the regulations and proper implementation are the issues.. which the present govt is lacking and which is not the same in his state....
    we dont need a dictator.. we need democracy.. we need rule of law to prevail...but we need someone who atleast have control on his party....who has the ability to make decisions.. unlike the present scenario....we are fed up with this policy paralysis.....
    humanity... there is more or less erosion of humanity from others equally(lot of instances)...when the people who did more so equally got a chance for so long..y shouldn't he..?
    Man mohan singh(MMS) was always elected to rajya sabha... which have no direct role of citizens….you certainly elections for rajya sabha go in our country...
    ASSAM is a state where congress hve power most of the time...MMS got elected in 91,95,01,07,13.. nly when congress is in power.....
    In 1999, he contested for the Lok Sabha from South Delhi but was unable to win the seat..
    To my knowledge i remember that...he was 1st made as finance minister in 91 and then he was elected into rajya sabha(the real politics) who was not at all involved in politics till then....
    If you say so... vajpayee ji brought APJ(a muslim)...he is made PRESIDENT OF INDIA...

    Maya kodanani...Atleast some one is getting punished in gujarat.. which is not the case outside...
    vajpayee commented but y didnt he remove him...bcz of the need...necessity...
    while voting.. i dont say that, we should not watch out our local guy... but i think atleast the educated should have the broader view in the current scenario where the leadership at top is dictating everything...
    if u observe,presently.. no leader is voting in assemblies thinking about his is always about the party majority.... are there any instances where leaders voicing against their own party schemes for thier constituencies....even if they are..i dont think they won it over...
    In todays corrupt governance.. where the most of the governance is decided by big people of the party... where small individuals have a minor role.. i think we should equally worry about the top leadership...

  27. ( sorry had to post in 2 parts bcz of lenght and my poor writing skills)..

    If she held as women and child development min...common there were much more bigger positions been held by much worse people outside....
    His reluctance to apologize or even talk about the riots, speaks volumes about his character... common y should he apologize when he is not guilty(as agreed by constitutional bodies SC nd HC, i think they are equally legitimate as CAG)..
    I spoke to many people of gujarat... i always listen the same praise of quality of life...
    I have heard so many business people how much they appraise gujarat comparing with other states......
    I have seen so so many people shifting to gujarat for business purpose....
    see the quality of governance in gujarat..which is far far better than its counter parts of india....he might have not got anything new but atleast he was in a position to sustain it when others couldn't...he atleast didn't drag them down..which was the case in many other areas.....
    There were some countries who opposed him before but now they are favouring him and allowing him... may be not they like him...but may be bcz they need him..may be bcz they saw that he can deliver things...which they couldn't find it in others.....

    we should also see it....
    if this article would be so true, will he would be able to come back in power thrice with such vehement majority...yeah he was voted by people of gujarat only...those seeing him from ground zero , not from north america or indian is their need.....

    It is not that people like him or not...they gave others chance, they were left with empty hands....this anti or pro, yaa as you said all these fancies nly...there was a lott beneath it when it comes for electing him....

    they want to give him a chance...they want change......
    you can nly reply nly if u have problem if u even dont consider it relevant....
    By the now you could have bad i m at writing....
    but bro...ur writing style is simply awesome...super....excellent...
    Thank you.. :-)

    1. No problem. I appreciate your reply. Thanks :)

  28. I agree with your article to larger extent.. Modi knows how to market himself... show what sells and has the authority to hide any fact he needs to as of today.

    Also, I am forced to believe that majority of Indians who will vote for him do not like him but will do so just due to the fact that there is no other alternative better than him. Mr Singh is most hopeless PM India has had. His lack of management skills are being hidden behind the name called Sonia Gandhi and congress party. PM is prime minister and is expected to have the ability to use his authority to run a government.

    1. Thank you for reading and responding :. I fully agree with your statement.

  29. The Author is blind he cannot see 1) There have been no riots since 2002, 2) Muslims of Gujrat have voted heavily for Modi ( which ofcourse led to Digvijay Singh Commenting that Muslim voters were bribed in Gujrat), 3) He cannot see that drop out rates in schools have come to 4%, now everyone goes to School. 4) He cannot see Gujrat is a power surplus state with more than 18000 villages recieving 24 hour power supply 5) He cannot see the Narmada river flowing via Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad.
    6) He also cannot see that in production of vegetables Gujrat leads the Country. ( Read Dainik Jagran )
    7) He also cannot see the solar panels on the canals which is meant to stop water from evaporating to save water.
    He cannot see the Nano plant in Gujrat.
    9) Nor can he see the numerous foreign ambassadors and countries have interacted with Modi.
    10) He is deaf to the statements made by Maulana Vatsanavi and Maulana Madani of Jaamat-i-ulema-i-Hind where both of them praised Modi's development and Secular credentials.
    11) He is blind to the fact that Not a single person has died from starvation and mal-nutrition in Gujrat.
    12) He is blind to the fact last december in delhi when students were protesting for justice for Nirbhaya, Gujrat govt got award for law and order, i forgot but Ahmedabad or Baroda got award for being the safe city for females.
    But inspite of all these facts and balance sheets still the author vomits fire against Modi.

    Why ??? Because the author is suffering from a disease it is called self styled intellectual secular liberalism

    and if you are so much amazed by the beastism of the riot, please read what happened in naokhali riot in 1946 where Muslim population did what you can't even imagine in your weirdest dreams

  30. forgot all the things ....just give me the answer of 1984 riot...
    you cant conclude something on paper i personally visit the rural areas in gujarat and there is improvement...
    one thing I M NOT MODI_LOVER!!!
    still this is a point of debate and i accept that modi is using media personals for name-fame but every politician is doing this and afterall this is a race of 2014...
    but u have any other option between rahul & modi ?????????

    1. Thank you for reading and responding :). Look at options in your constituency. An honest person there, would do wonders. It does not matter who is elected in the center.

  31. riot 1: 1947 Communal riots
    in Bengal | 5000-10000 Killed | Ruling party
    happened to be Congress

    Riot 2: 1969 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad |
    More than 512 Killed in the city. 3000 to
    15000 range in the entire state | Riots for 6
    months | Ruling party happened to be

    Riot 3: Oct 1984 | Communal riots in Delhi |
    2733 Killed | Ruling party Congress | Almost
    100% casualty were Sikhs, which makes this a
    Rajiv Gandhi led genocide on India's
    minorities | Followed by “Big Tree falls”
    justification too from the Prime Minister!

    Riot 4: Feb 1983 | Communal violence in
    Nellie, Assam | 2000-5000 killed | PM – Indira
    Gandhi (Congress party) - India's worst
    slaughter of Muslims in any single riot (just 6

    Riot 5: 1964 Communal riots in Rourkela &
    Jamshedpur | 2000 Killed | Ruling party

    Riot 6: August 1980 | Moradabad Communal
    riots | Approx 2000 Killed | Ruling Party

    Riot 7: October 1989 | Bhagalpur, Bihar riots |
    800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress

    Riot 8: Dec 1992 - Jan 1993 | Mumbai,
    Maharashtra riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling
    party Congress

    Riot 9: April 1985 | Communal riots in
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat | At least 300 Killed |
    Ruling party Congress

    Riot 10: Dec 1992 | Aligarh, UP | At least 176
    killed | Ruling party Congress (President's

    Riot 11: December 1992 | Surat, Gujarat | At
    least 175 killed | Ruling party Congress

    Riot 12: December 1990 | Hyderabad, AP | At
    least 132 killed | Ruling party Congress

    Riot 13: August 1967 | 200 Killed | Communal
    riots in Ranchi | Party ruling again Congress

    Riot 14: April 1979 | Communal riots in
    Jamshedpur, West Bengal | More than 125
    killed | Ruling party CPIM (Communist Party)

    Riot 15: 1970 | Bhiwandi communal riots in
    Maharashtra | Around 80 killed | Ruling party

    Riot 16: May 1984 | Communal riots in
    Bhiwandi | 146 Killed, 611 Inj | Ruling party
    Congress | CM – Vasandada Patil

    Riot 17: Apr-May 1987 | Communal violence in
    Meerut, UP | 81 killed | Ruling party Congress

    Riot 18: July 1986 | Communal violence in
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat | 59 Killed | Ruling party

    And on the other hand
    1) There have been no riots since 2002,
    2) Muslims of Gujrat have voted heavily for Modi ( which ofcourse led to Digvijay Singh Commenting that Muslim voters were bribed in Gujrat)
    3)Drop out rates in schools have come to 4%, now everyone goes to School.
    4)Gujrat is a power surplus state with more than 18000 villages recieving 24 hour power supply
    5)Narmada river flowing via Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad.
    6)Production of vegetables Gujrat leads the Country. ( Read Dainik Jagran )
    7)Solar panels on the canals which is meant to stop water from evaporating to save water.

    Inspite of all these facts y do we try to single out only Modi and the 2002 riots. The fact remains that no political party is perfectly secular in India.

    There have been no riots in Gujrat since 2002 n Modi remains the best option among the available leaders

  32. its a sort of eye-opener . a very intelligently written article not biased or unbiased,just presenting the truth.
    well done bro, and keep it up.
    wish if it had been on hindi it would have educated a lot more people.
    thanks and all the best (you need it)

  33. after all this still gujrat people give them 2/3 majority...when people of Gujrat are happy why rest of india has problem...After all he a politician and democracy is game of numbers....

  34. your truth research is excellent. but wt r u going to do with it. why cant u support the best alternative. simply criticising is not worth for anything.

    1. Fortunately, I don't think he is the best alternative. Maybe expanding your horizons would help. Thanks for reading, Yogi :)

  35. Hi Akil,
    Good reading your article as well as all the discussions that run through in comments. Nice to know the facts. And also, on a point about that Modi lovers try not to take up or digest any negatives on Modi, is not only because of their helplessness. It is a state of our citizens a long while. People jump onto Modi, because they have lost all the hope, and when they were presented with some exaggerated or overrated or even whatever reasons, they just thought, at least we have one to believe in. And, when they find the very same guy with flaws, they could not satiate it, because they eventually look upon the entire democracy itself with hopelessness.
    Certainly, I don't know what is the solution for this?

    And, regarding the riots matter, Let us all just please argue as Indians. He/She has done a unforgivable deed to a pregnant woman, and thousands of lives have been lost. The problem is, "In a country like India, once such incidents happen, we must just brand them as national enemies, and rip them off their religious identities. No hindu man living peacefully down south in a rented house of a Muslim would say that it's a justice for a Hindu. It's a blunder for humanity. And even if Godhra could be a revenge for whatever happened. Every single riot itself is wrong !! And, Everything connected with religious masks should be torn apart by us, the people who judge that." Once we got declared ourselves "Secular", it is mere uneducated or even childish to portray a problem, in a religious manner. If that is going as the case among the Political leaders, who kindle such riots, then still We Indians have not at all become 'Indians' by heart in any kind, or just by the name and the registry... Because It is not just in the decision of a political leader, a riot happens, but in the ignorance of millions of people also...
    I am in a absolute dilemma, of my decision in this elections !!
    And Myself, Thedal... :-)

    1. Thank you for replying, Thedal. It is so good to see a sane reply after all the potshots at insanity. Its either that we don't want to believe or that we mean to overlook the truth. Nevertheless, I am in a dilemma too. To sort it up, I will vote for the best candidate in my constituency, despite whichever party he/she belongs to. If everybody does that, the rest shall take shape itself.

  36. People: Why Inflation?
    Congress: Remember Godhra
    People: Why corruption?
    Congress: Remember Godhra
    People: Why Scams?
    Congress: Remember Godhra
    People: Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler??
    Congress: Abeeey Yaar! Remember Godhra

    1. Whoa! pretty hilarious. It is the bitter reality of current India!

  37. brother good article ..... but please make the font in black and background white. It was really hard to stay stare on the article specially for the people having low eyesight like me :)

    1. Thank you for the response Vivek. I will most certainly do whatever I can to rectify this anomaly. :)

  38. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post. The whole blog is very nice found some good stuff and good information here Thanks..Also visit my page

  39. Your article is indirectly disseminating the message to not to vote Mr. Modi rather vote for Congress (Rahul Gandhi). Everybody knows what congress did during last 10 years and before that 50 years (Only scams). I guess I do not need to mention them all.

    Before Modi become CM, there were 200 protests every year in Gujarat. After 2002 till now there is no single protest. This clearly shows what is what.

    A good writer does not delete the comments which are against him.. and a good writer also, who wants to reach the truth to the larger audience, does not use highly complicated words. This is only show off. All these are clearly visible in the so called "article". This is enough to conclude reality of the above article.
    Basically you are targeting a single person (Modi) but not an issue.. This is a way to become popular by targeting the individual... Nobody simply tell about somebody or something for very long unless it is true.. If this stuff you have written now is true, then Gujarat and Modi would have not got the International and National awards. I am praising neither Modi nor Gujarat here. But I am telling the facts.
    Half fried always try to become over smart.. I hope you will realise this soon..
    I am sorry. You may be hurt by my comments. This is your expression of hatred and envy. Of course You are free to do this. India is democratic country. But I would suggest for your goodness not publicly express such things. Even you express ultimately truth is truth in the long run.

    1. Let me start responding point wise to your comment Mr. Anon..

      ...indirectly disseminating the message to not to vote Mr. Modi rather vote for Congress (Rahul Gandhi)...

      -Start voting Mr. Kejriwal if you have problem with Rahul Gandhi.

      ...Everybody knows what congress did during last 10 years and before that 50 years (Only scams). I guess I do not need to mention them all....

      -Agreed. Congress is damn corrupt. Bitter reality!

      ...Before Modi become CM, there were 200 protests every year in Gujarat. After 2002 till now there is no single protest. This clearly shows what is what...

      -U simply do not protest against someone like hitler! Enlarge modi's ideas and - U reach Hitler's ideology (You can protest... if you want to die!)

      ....A good writer does not delete the comments which are against him.. and a good writer also, who wants to reach the truth to the larger audience, does not use highly complicated words. This is only show off. All these are clearly visible in the so called "article". This is enough to conclude reality of the above article..

      -If you can't understand simple English- Your fault. Not the blogger's. improve your vocabulary!

      ...Basically you are targeting a single person (Modi) but not an issue.. This is a way to become popular by targeting the individual... Nobody simply tell about somebody or something for very long unless it is true...

      -The issue is that, Modi is an Aristocrat! He is a blabbermouth! Non-secularist! Thus, Mr. Modi IS the issue!

      ...If this stuff you have written now is true, then Gujarat and Modi would have not got the International and National awards. I am praising neither Modi nor Gujarat here. But I am telling the facts...

      -That's sheer BULL SHIT!! (sorry for profanity but I had to use it) Enlist the sources of your so called facts!

      ...India is democratic country. But I would suggest for your goodness not publicly express such things. Even you express ultimately truth is truth in the long run...

      -U really believe in DEMOCRACY? if yes... Modi and Democracy are ANTITHESIS!(I hope you know it's meaning!)

  40. See this video and tell...

  41. @akkilbakhshi Hats off to your equanimity and poise in the face of the drivel and slander thrown your way by some of the responders above.

    I'm impressed with the fact that you have the courage of your conviction to publish, acknowledge and thank all respondents for their comments, whether they were acerbic or genial in reply.

    I have been writing on a blog for the past 7 years, and the composition of my writing is quite similar to yours. However, my approach towards comments that overflow with unreasoned aggression has been quite the opposite of yours.

    After stumbling upon your blog, I realize that the difference between the both of us is that you don't give in to hate even while attempting to tackle it. That, I'd like to believe, is a fine example of integrity. Sadly, I've failed, and have allowed it to consume me from time to time while I've been trying to reason with popular perception.

    It is when we are consumed by hate that our ability to perceive and judge correctly, is hampered. All contrarian positions are then seen through a refracted prism of our own preconceived notions. And this sadly, hastens to entrench it even further when faced with reason.

    I would urge any future commentators on this post to suspend hatred for a few minutes, read this unbiased post, reflect on it, and then accept or deny its gist, as their conscience allows. Picking flaws in others from the comfort of our own narrowly constructed silos, is the easiest thing to do... but sometimes we're so busy trying to find fault and make our point that we miss the forest for the trees.

    As a strong believer in the preamble to the Indian constitution; a constitution that my family - with over 300 years of collective service in the armed forces - has over and over sworn allegiance to; I feel sad that a man, whose entire philosophy is opposed to it, is being propped up to lead India. I have no problem with the BJP. Politics ought to have parties that represent different political ideologies; that is why democracies are so good - they allow a citizen to choose amongst different alternatives. Be that as it may, while Modi claims to represent Right leaning economic policies, his mind is firmly entrenched in the fascist philosophy of uber-nationalism, xenophobia, chauvinism, ethnocentrism and majoritarianism. This dangerous way of thinking, which Nietzsche proposed, and Hitler and the Nazis last represented, eventually led to the holocaust, the genocide of all who disagreed (as was evidenced in the 'night of the long knives', and the pogrom of the Jews), and the second world war.

    I hope this never happens ever again. We're too great a country to go down this path of destruction. Fingers crossed.

    - Jay
    (Distant Reflections)

    1. Apologies for the much delayed response. Thank you for your comment, Jay :)


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