Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Letter from an Unidentified Molestor.

Disclaimer- The following has been written solely for the purpose of registering an online protest against the outrageous incident that happened in Guwahati. I, of course, am merely a shocked citizen who finds no other way to express his anger than to write about it. Let not this incident serve as a prequel. Let this be the Final Nail on the coffin of those who display their animal instincts in the name of manhood.

Dear, 'Sexy', Women,

Hey! Don't Jump at that remark. 'Sexy' is a compliment. Ask the braggy Chairperson of your toothless commission and she will endorse it. How have you all been doing?
I heard, a few of my brothers molested a girl in Guwahati? Wow! I truly appreciate their zeal. Groping a girl on the main road, in full public view, in the heart of the capital, a few kilometers away from the State Secretariat- Kudos! You guys sure deserve a treat! And what a treat you have got. Your faces are being flashed in the National media! Can you imagine? You are being aired at prime time! Your actions have become the talk of the town. Mothers are happy that you were not born to them. Fathers are glad that you don't feed on their money. Sisters are overjoyed at the prospect of Not having you as brothers. And my boys, We, your fellow brothers, are jealous of the coverage you have gathered. Never before in the history of my Molestation-Rape career could I have imagined that our vocation was so rewarding. Anyway, Now that I have showered enough praises on you, let me get a few facts straight, so that you can embark on a more fruitful journey the next time you are at it. By the way, when I say fruitful, I don't mean mere 'Molestation'. Go ahead and Rape.

Firstly, I am totally unable to understand what the hue and cry is all about. Each media house is emphasizing on 'A seventeen year old', 'A Teenager', 'An Adolescent'. Can't they understand the simple fact that age is absolutely immaterial for us? When it comes to displaying the power of our manhood, we can do it to a child of seven and a woman of seventy, with equal perseverance and pleasure. We can do it to a 'Dalit', a scavenger or just the girl next door- Caste is not a hindrance either. All that matters is the fact that its 'Her'. And She should realize it. She was born to be teased, molested and raped. If she didn't want to, why did you let her come to the world, in the first place? Oh! I get it. She might have one of those foolish, just-made-aware-, socially conscious parents, who have no problems with giving birth to a girl. Well, this incident should serve you as a warning. Consider it a threat, rather. If you don't kill her while she is still inside your womb, be prepared to donate her to my brothers. You can not protect her all your life, Can you? At some point, at some time- whether in the alley, at the bus stand, in the college or right outside your house- WE WILL GRAB HER.

Secondly, Let me clear a misconception. Did you think we'll be caught? Did you REALLY think that the police will get hold of us and put us behind bars? Ha Ha Ha! Sorry, the laugh was just an instant reaction. How naive of you! The laws in India do NOT grant me life imprisonment. If you manage to get an FIR filed, I will arrange for Bail and tease you. If you manage to take the case to a District court, I will plead innocence and molest you. If you manage to further rake up the matter in a higher court, I will file appeals and rape you. As a woman, I will show you your place at each successive stage. I will remind you over and over again that being born in your gender is a Natural crime that you have committed and you shall be granted a Natural Punishment for it. Rape, by the way, is a natural phenomenon. Look at Animals. Does the mare or the cow complain? No! So, learn to live with it.

Thirdly, crying hoarse in the Media or filing petitions with politicians won't help. Quite a number of people in there are fellow brothers. They will take up your matter, make an issue out of it, gain sympathy while they can and finally leave you high and dry. As long as you can serve their interests of creating 'Sensation' and 'Garnering Votes', you will be adequately taken care of. Once you are out of public mind, you will be out of their sight. But trust me, We will continue to have our sights on you. After all, you are the meal that we deliciously enjoy. I do agree that there are some black 'Honest' sheep in Politics and Media. But then, a single bogey can not move a train, No matter how hard it tries!

Now that I have sorted out a number of issues, let me also remind you that the society is with me. Shocked? Well, here are the facts. I went to an 'Anti-corruption' rally a few months ago. Don't hold me in high regard for that. I went there merely to eye some 'Maal'. Eyed quite a few, made comments, teased and tried molesting- Its a democracy right? I have the freedom of speech and expression. Nevertheless, I wasn't stopped. No one cared. I came back and beat up my wife. No one cared. I have been sexually abusing a little boy for the past few years. No one cared. Rather, those who got to know, preferred to keep silent. 'Honour' you see. Our country is actually an 'Honour-istan'. We can kill for 'Honour'. We can rape for 'Honour'. And when we do it, the society stands by us. Come to think of it, even the local Panchayats have started passing 'diktats' to keep their women safe! What a cruel joke. Those who have put on the charade of protecting her, are also the ones to murder her!

The letter has gone quite long I see. And I don't have much patience to continue writing. I am in dire need of some fun right now. Need to go out and find one of you. People will come. They will stand and they will watch. But none, I repeat, NONE of them will be man enough to come forward and argue with us. And why should they? You are not 'Their' Sister, or Mother or Daughter! Leave it to us and we will rape Men too! On that note, let me take your leave. Professional, ah, in your words, Animal instincts are calling me. Let me look for a public point, look for a woman, look for a quiet crowd and make my move.

And this time, I will not just stop at Molestation.

Take care till I find you.

An unidentified Molester.