Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mom, Your Son Killed Me.

We were both born your sons, Mom
We were both bred in your Womb.
You suffered an equal labor Mom
You faced an equal Wound.

Why then today this difference, Mom,
Why then, today, this Pain?
Why then today I lose it all,
Why does he stand to Gain?

Your Love for us was equal Mom
And so were the times of Pleasure.
I still remember the games we played,
The Hiding, the running, the Treasure.

You gave us both the same to eat
We were both treated the stick.
Whatever you brought for both of us,
We both could have our pick.

We sang, we danced, we slept together
We woke, we laughed, we prayed.
No matter how far apart we were
We Loved, we liked, we stayed.

And then it was our time to go,
You Let us out in the Night.
He choose to take the turn on Left
I chose to walk the Right.

Our Paths may have been different Mom
But we both Lasted the Mile
Issues and Problems tagged along
We faced them with a Smile.

And yet today I lie Dead
And yet today this Pain
Why have I had to Lose it all
Why does he stand to Gain?

I braved the vagaries of weather
The heat, the cold the boulders.
And Yet I did not ever give up
And marched with fellow soldiers.

He Lived the Life he always wanted
The Coolers, the Heaters, The Flat.
He studied hard to pass exams
And became a Bureaucrat.

And then one day it all changed, Mom
The day he signed a File.
And then one day it all changed, Mom
With my Corpse in a Pile.

He cleared the File to buy a Gun
A Gun that could not Shoot.
He was paid a massive price for it,
The price, to keep him mute.

He built a huge house with it,
And settled with his Wife.
He had a Job, And Love and Kids,
What else he wanted in Life!

I stood alert in my Bunker
And saw the Enemy Loot
I ran to them, to kill them all
With the Gun that could not Shoot.

The First hit me on the Head, Mom
And all I thought was You.
The second Pierced my Chest, Mom
And all I thought was You.

As I lay under the scorching sun,
I could feel your gentle Touch.
I wished I'd lived a little Longer, Mom
Had I asked for Much?

My corpse was thrown and buried in ground,
And encircled with a Ring.
Your Son could Never find me Mom,
the Man he was, the King.

Weren't we both born your sons, Mom?
Weren't we both bred in your Womb?
Then why today, He has it all,
While I decay in a Tomb?