Hypocrisy Jayate!!

We Indians are such Hypocrites! Big time, Hypocrites.

Our rules, Our traditions, Our regulations and Our sensibilities are all 'Adjustable' according to our convenience. The moment it suits us, Our Indian-ness is tricked into being Western. While at other times, we turn on our veil of superstitions, disbelief, extensive critique and simplicity, merely to hide under the garb of culture and uniqueness. Nonetheless, here are a few instances that I recently witnessed, which singularly emphasize the point I am trying to convey.

1. The BABA- LAND- Our very own 'Nirmal baba' has been quite an eyeball grabber for the past couple of days. What made one News channel, single out One Baba out of hundreds and run a five day story on him, completely escapes my mind. Maybe the 'STAR'(S) of the channel were running low or maybe they needed a 'Totally Reprehensible Project' (Read TRP) to boost their sagging fortunes. Whatever may have been the reason, the Baba ended up gaining full-time, media-generated and massively covered 'Kripa'. This is not to say that he was not in the wrong. In fact, That issue is not even debatable. Sitting on a gold-plated chair, wearing silver-lined shoes, accepting multiples of hundreds, aren't really 'Godly' characters. They are rather 'Gaudy' characters. Nevertheless, despite all the derision and ridicule, people still bowed their heads to the Baba. Despite having detailed and precise evidence of corruption that he entailed in, he was exonerated and let off with no sentence whatsoever. Good! Accepted! But then, why should the scales of balance tilt against Mr. A Raja or Mr. Suresh Kalmadi? Why ask for Chidambaram's resignation at the drop of a hat? Just because they keep all the 'Kripa' to themselves and don't distribute it to the public? In fact, let me frame it this way, who is a bigger criminal? Someone who fools you, cons you and takes your money every single day or someone who fools you, cons you and takes your money once in every five years? Ah! Talk of Hypocrisy.

2. Satyamev Belly-- Now what exactly can be the link between 'Satyamev Jayate'- a highly admired Television show and 'Delhi Belly'- a less admired but much hyped, Bollywood masala film? Just one- Aamir Khan- our very own perfectionist. Its quite another matter that perfectionism gives you a remarkable career but an equally disheveled personal life. And so has been the case with Mr. Khan. His first wife (Of 15 years) has publicly denounced him as a womanizer. On top of that, Jessica Jones, a foreign national had claimed a few years ago that Aamir was the father of her child. I don't really remember where the woman vanished (or was she made to vanish?) thereafter. Nonetheless, what he does in his personal life is of no consequence to us right? Then, why is it that Abhishek Manu Singhvi's personal sex CD or N.D. Tiwari's paternity suit proceedings hold our interest? Only because they are politicians and are supposed to uphold public interest by means of their character? That being the case, Bollywood has a much wider reach in the public. Why shouldn't the rules of the game be the same for everybody? Anyway, that is not the point I wanted to emphasize upon. Do we remember the visuals and dialogues of Delhi Belly? I specifically remember two.
# A fat (eh, I'd rather call him healthy lest Ram Kapoor take offense) man, struggling with diarrhea, fiddles with (presses rather) a woman's bosom as he moves across a balcony.
# When the Lead's girlfriend dumps him, he imagines a situation where he is blasting his ex with words like, "Is ladki ne mera ch***a hai"
Interestingly, I fail to understand, how can a man who is so concerned about female foeticide and female sex abuse, be so ruthless when it comes to sensitive portrayal? Dear Mr. Khan, please preach the values you follow. Else, accept your transgressions and preach with remorse.

3. F**k the Government- Its them! Its them! Its them! Your road is potholed-Its them who is at fault. Someone has thrown a banana peel on your street- Its them who is at fault. Someone has spit on your wall- Its them who is at fault. How long are we going to blame the Government for our problems? Yes, they are the chosen ones. Agreed, they have responsibilities. But what do we expect? The Government can only give us regulations- WE have to live by them. The Government can only give us policies- WE have to make sure they are implemented in the right spirit. If we refuse to give bribe, If we refuse to jump traffic signals, If we begin to honor our courts, If we begin to fight our own battles, maybe not us, but the generations to come will remain indebted to us for having set a trend of self dependency and national progression. Tell the government where they are wrong. Stop sitting on coffee tables and criticizing them. Let the blame game come to a halt. Its been 65 God damn years! Till when are we going to point fingers? Till when are we going to register massive turnouts for auditions to some foolish reality show but give a meek appearance when it comes to democratic voting? The problem is not with THEM. The problem is with US. And the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to improve our lot.

And these are just three varied instances of typical hypocritical India. There are many more. Worship the Goddess, but kill the daughter. Rape someone's sister and protect your own. Malign someone's character but jump at those who malign yours. How long are we going to live with comfortable lies? When do we plan to face the hurtful truth?

I suppose, we'd Never Change. NEVER EVER. And you know why? Because We are Indians! We can pretend to change, but, deep within us, we will continue to remain discriminatory, spineless and self centered egoists . Whoa! Now that's what we call Status Quo.


  1. We the Indians are always keep on complaining about everything but never realize what we are putting in to the system. We just follow the mass to set our opinion and don't even try to know the reality. No group of people owns the responsibilities of the society. Every single person has to be fully aware of that. Nothing better could be happen in our society until we start treading the path goes straight to the truth.

    1. Thank you Priyanka. You are absolutely right. We do, whatever suits us, regardless of what is truly good for the nation as a whole.

  2. Great effort Akil! The thoughts show the person that is you. It is really pathetic that in this day and age, even educated guys are mad after babas. It is really a stupid way of living life, I do not know how they think that meeting babas will give them results in life rather than doing something about what you want. And it is hypocrisy all the way. I know a rich person who loots people left and right but everyday first worships a cow, and claims to be a saintly person because he worships and feeds a cow everyday! For us Indians, hypocrisy is a way of life. You are terrific, may the effort reach all the youth population of India. All the best!

    1. Thank you so much. You know there is this proverb in Hindi, "900 Chuhe Khakar Billi haj ko Chali". That's exactly the case with us. We want to reap the benefits of whatever is at our disposal, without giving a single thought to how it would impact others. I am sure the man you are talking about, also takes a yearly dip at the Ganga. After all, it is supposed to cancel out and level in all sins.

  3. very well written Akil......... i am so happy to see your views.... exceptionally remarkable. a person in your age would always thing about "eat, drink and be merry" but for you... i have no words... keep it up and good luck

  4. Very well written :)I agree with your thoughts especially about Mr. double faced Khan. People are not just hypocrites , they are dishonest and yet can look themselves in the mirror eye to eye. Unbelievable!..it's the same people who are selling and marketing spirituality,ayurveda and yoga everywhere.


    1. Hello! Thank you for sparing the time to read this. Hypocrisy rules the roost in Indian culture and is pretty much inbred in our core fabric. I sincerely hope that people became more aware and helped prevent the spread of this epidemic. Thanks yet again :)


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